Learning is the priority. From its founding, Michigan has made educating children a priority, and everyday, well-meaning, hard working, generous and creative people push to make that priority a reality.

Educators teach and work with students. Public officials debate reforms and manage state policy. Philanthropists search for ways to help and make a difference. Inventors discover new and exciting ways for students to learn. Everyone working at the same time, but few working in the same direction. Lots of movement, but no real momentum for change. Many factors make it hard for every child to get the education they need, but barriers between adults that limit collaboration and slow innovation should not be among them. The Center of Innovation for Education (CIE) is a not-for-profit, public-private effort to facilitate greater innovation, collaboration and reinvention throughout Michigan’s education system to achieve measurable benefits for students. The CIE aims to turn movement into momentum. Every student deserves the opportunity to learn how, what, when and where is best for their personal development and future success, and the innovations, initiatives and intentions exist to help make this happen. The CIE isn’t government. It isn’t public education, a business, charity, or a think tank. The CIE is government, public education, business and charity working together as one to remove barriers and implement the very best in innovation and collaboration to meet the learning needs of every single student in Michigan – no exceptions.

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